What is MMA Acrylic for nails?

what is mma nails

No, we’re not talking about Mixed Martial Arts – if only! It is a chemical known as Methyl Methacrylate.

The chemical has been used in a variety of nail polishes and paints over the years and has been classified as a toxic chemical by the FDA.

What made it into paints?

It was not classified as toxic for years after its initial use, and it made its way into a lot of products.

Even today, this chemical is still used in many types of acrylic paints and products.

In the dental industry, for example, it is used to make crowns and bridges because it hardens into a hard consistency similar to cement.

As a result, it has been used to repair various types of joints, as it helps keep bones strong and prevent decay.

These types of acrylic are often used by discount nail salons or people looking to save money.

Although they make a more solid and rigid nail, this consistency could make them very easy to break.

Moreover, the compound might absorb the nail plate and the skin pores and cause a variety of health problems.

The worst part is that they are very difficult to remove.


As the risks of MMA reach the general public, more and more nail salons are refusing to use it.

However, some people still rely on these products for a variety of reasons.

Whether they are genuinely convinced that this chemical works better than alternatives or don’t have the money to switch, they are likely to hide its use from you.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following obvious signs.


MMA has much lower nail costs than other salons. EMA-based products are more expensive because EMA is a safer alternative to MMA.

Therefore, salons that want to save money and charge less use MMA instead of EMA.

It is obvious that not every shop with low prices uses this chemical, so be careful to look for other signs.


Having your nails done shouldn’t hurt or sting.

MMA can, however, cause an itching or burning sensation when applied to your fingers.

Do not listen to your tech if they claim that EMA products cause this reaction.

When you notice this sensation, you have likely confirmed the use of MMA.

In order to avoid discomfort, you may want to use other signs first.


Nail chemicals should have a pretty strong scent.

However, products made with MMA tend to smell quite “fruity” and may make you feel sick to your stomach.

Other products with EMA may have a powerful smell, but they should not make you sick.

Stay away from salons that still use MMA products.


Are your nail technicians trying to hide the products they use on your nails?

Do they refuse to talk about them, or do they have to go into a back room to get them?

All of these signs point to the use of MMA. Because of the high demand for cheap nail products, this chemical is still being manufactured and circulated despite being banned for use in this industry.


If you believe that your nail salon is using MMA-based products, you should talk to local law officials right away.

Discuss the products with them, including the fact that they are banned, and let them know of any proof that you may have that shows the use of these products.

They will call in outside experts, such as public health inspectors.

These professionals will check for MMA, confiscate it, and fine the salon.

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