how to thin nail polish

How to thin nail polish 2022

Nail polishes tend to get thicker and clumpier naturally over time which is due to the loss of solvents from the polish due to evaporation.

But you can reverse this and in this article, I hope to guide you through methods on how you can easily DIY Thin Your Nail Polish.

No one wants their home made nail polishes to be too thick, but sometimes they turn out that way no matter how hard we try to thin them. And as each layer of polish is applied, the thickness increases and our nails become thinner and more transparent. So what do you do when your nail polish is too thick and you want to thin it without ruining it?

There are multiple ways to thin nail polish and this article will outline the most popular methods.

Please note: Thinning nail polish does not always mean making it watery. It can also mean reducing the viscosity or thickness of the polish, so that it flows more easily from the bottle and is easier to apply.

1.) Acetone thinning:

The quickest and easiest way to thin any nail polish is to add a few drops of acetone (available at your local pharmacy) into the nail polish. Acetone thinning works because it reduces the plasticizer levels in the formulation, which results in thinner nail polish. However there are some drawbacks with using acetone thinning; it makes the wear time of your manicure significantly shorter, practically non existent if you thin a lot. Also, most people have a sensitivity to acetone and this can result in extremely dry cuticles and irritated skin surrounding nails.

2.) Water thinning:

This is the way that most professional salons thin their polishes when doing a manicure on their customers. It’s very safe and easy to do but requires time for preparation before applying thinned out nail polish. You will need to mix room temperature de-ionized (pure) water with your thinning agent before applying it to the nail polish bottle.

The best thinning agent to use is pure acetone, but you can also use distilled water if you don’t mind applying weaker thinned out polishes. The reason why water thinning works is because de-ionized (pure) water has a viscosity that’s very close to nail polish thinner; this allows you to thin the product without changing its chemical composition too much and makes it lose any of its properties or characteristics, which may happen when using other thinners such as acetone or alcohol.

3.) Nail Polish Thinner thinning:

This is the most popular and widely used thinning agent. You can purchase it in various concentrations (10, 20, 30%). A 10% thinning ratio means that you add 10 drops of thinning agent for every 1 ml of nail polish; a 20% thinning ratio means you add 20 drops of thinning agent per every 1ml of nail polish and so on.

Nail Polish Thinner has been formulated specifically for this purpose and works great on all types of formulas. It’s the best choice if you’re looking to keep your polishes as strong as possible and give them a very good wear time. However it needs to be diluted with distilled water first and then added into your nail polish bottle before shaking thoroughly to mix properly.

4.) Alcohol thinning:

This is a good choice if you want to thin your polishes quickly and don’t mind sacrificing some of the wear time. You can use any type of alcohol, but I find that using vodka gives the best results. Just add 5-10 drops into 1 ml of nail polish and shake well.

5.) How often should I thin my nail paint?

There is no definite answer to this question since it depends on how thick your nail polish is to begin with, how often you thin it, and what thinning agent you use. However, as a general rule I would say that thinning your nail polish every other time you apply it should give you good results.

6.) How much thinning agent should I add?

Again, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer since the ratios and thinning agents used is different for each person. But as a general rule you want to avoid thinning your polish too much; aim for thin layers of product rather than ultra thin coats of nail polish. You can always apply more thinned out coats but taking off thick ones is very difficult if not impossible.

7.) Can you thin Gel polishes?

Yes, however this may dramatically reduce your wear time and result in chipping or peeling. It’s best if you only thin them minimally (5-10%) by adding small amounts of thicker gel formulas into your bottles so that they don’t become watery.

8.) What is the best way to thin my nail polish?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as each person’s thinning agent and ratios may be different. However, the three most popular thinners are acetone, water, and nail polish thinner. Try them all out and see which one gives you the best results. Also, remember to thin your polishes in very thin layers for the best outcome.

9.) Is it safe to thin my nail polish?

Yes, as long as you use a trusted thinning agent such as acetone, distilled water, or nail polish thinner. These have all been specifically formulated for this purpose and will not damage your nails or skin when used correctly.

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