Fix crooked nails


Fix crooked nails

Crooked nails or slightly askew fingers can be frustrating, and you might not know what to do about them.

There are, however, ways to treat it depending on the cause and severity.

In this article, however, you will learn about the ladder and what you can do to help the situation at home or with the help of a professional nail salon.

A good nail tech sees this all the time.

Because they specialize in aesthetics, they can do wonders.

Fix crooked nails

The filing and acrylic or gel techniques can be used to fix all types of crooked nails.

There is no guarantee that crooked nails are caused by birth, but they can be caused by accidents, exposure to chemicals, or other factors that affect the nail or finger structure.

A crooked finger cannot be corrected without surgery unless it was caused by an accident that damaged muscles and tendons.

However, nail treatments can easily restore a healthy nail.


fixing crooked nail

Under certain circumstances, you can use a false nail to make your crooked nail look straight.

For example, if your finger is crooked or too short, a nail technique can make it less noticeable.

You could put a longer nail on the crooked one and make the adjacent one shorter.

That would give the impression that the crooked one is straight.

It’s almost like being a magician.

It is important to understand that most people with this issue or any issue affecting their hands will pay more attention to it than others.

It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a solution to it.

By creating an illusion, you can address this aesthetically.

Sometimes, a medical cosmetologist is required to handle very serious cases where the finger or hand has an issue and then the nail follows.

Even if it’s just a crooked nail bothering you, you can fix it with a few different nail tricks.


crooked nails

Before we discuss how to fix a crooked nail, we must understand there are many ways a nail can be considered crooked.

As the term is a little subjective to each individual, here you can see the two different types of crooked nails.

Some nails are crooked in a way that is curved, others grow sideways, while some have a spoon- or spatula-like shape due to one of the aforementioned issues.


One of the most common types of crooked nails are curved crooked nails.

This is possible because you were born with them naturally growing that way, and it is hereditary.

Depending on how you shape your nails while clipping and filing too frequently, or how you neglect to maintain them, your nails may grow this way or in any other way.

A simple fix to make them look more uniform is simple, but it takes dedication and patience.

If you want your nails to look uniform, you’ll need to reshape not just the crooked nail but the rest of your nails as well.

A benefit of straightening crooked nails is that you will make the whole set look more natural.

You won’t have fake long nails that are all perfect in shape.

As a result, you must make small adjustments to the height of the surrounding nails to create the illusion around the worst nail.


correct curved nails

Here’s how to fix a crooked nail if you don’t want to use false nails or acrylic or gel fills.

Both processes are similar until the acrylic or gel part is applied.

Follow these steps for less curved nails.

Use a good, durable nail file.

A variety of grits are available for emery boards.

The tips of curved nails may be thicker as they curve.

To accomplish the task, you will need both fine and hard grit.

Decide what shape you want your nail to be.

You will be clipping them down because curved nails must be clipped down, and then you can file them into a few different shapes.

You should start by giving yourself a manicure.

By soaking your hands, you can cut back the cuticle and push back the lower half.

Start by clipping your nails after you have completely dried your hands.

If your nails are already quite short and you want to grow them out straighter, you can file them into a flat rectangle to start.

You are most likely to be able to make a square shape.

As long as you regularly trim and file your nails, it is the easiest and best method for curved nails.

The square-oval shape, also known as squoval, is also a great choice for curved nails.

Avoid any other complicated style, such as stilettos or almond shapes.

Do not file them back and forth like a saw.

File from the base to the tip, then switch sides.

As an example, start on the left side of the nail and work your way right.

Repeat this several times, picking the file up off the nail each time.

Then, switch several times from left to right.

If you already have long nails, but they have curled, then you need to clip off the curved edge completely.

If you are uncomfortable using a nail clipper, use a nail scissor instead.

Ensure that the curved edge of each nail is clipped or trimmed.


shape the nail after cliping

As a result, all your nails will be slightly longer or shorter than the rest.

It depends on what you’re starting with.

Remember not to clip short nails too short.

They can cause an infection and you won’t be able to do much about it.

As soon as the curved edge is flattened across, follow the steps for filing natural nails as described above.

Make sure you file the sides to the desired shape.

This type also works with the same suggested shapes.


maintain crooked nails

Natural nails are maintained by monitoring their growth.

As soon as the curved edge becomes visible, you must clip it off and file it appropriately.

Although you could change the shape, it’s recommended that you train the nail into the shape you’ve chosen for a while.

Keep up your regular manicures and after a month or two, you should know whether you like it or not.

You may find that they are too short and unappealing after having a large portion of the nails clipped off.

It is possible to fix that and make the whole situation look different and interesting, but it requires acrylics or gel.


fix crooked nail with false nails

You can fix a crooked nail using a false nail or gel, and then use special techniques to mask and shape the crookedness.

It will work with curved nails or any nail that grows sideways.

Techniques may include reshaping the nail’s surface and adding detailing or embellishments that will camouflage the problem.

For the first time, it is not recommended to do this at home.

There are several reasons for this.

One of the perspectives you need is that of a person who is sitting in front of you, able to use both hands at the same time.

If you don’t possess the right equipment or are not proficient with acrylics or gel, you may make mistakes that you’ll have to pay a professional nail technician to correct, and then spend even more time straightening the crooked nail.

Get in touch with a salon and let them know what you want.

They see crooked nails of all shapes and sizes.


straighten crooked nails

In order to fix a crooked nail, a nail salon will reshape its surface and decorate it in such a way as to mask the crooked shape.

You should schedule an appointment instead of walking in so that the nail tech can spend extra time with you.

In the first instance, a nail technician may assess your nails and talk with you briefly about your type of crooked nail.

This is something they see and deal with a lot.

If they can fix the crooked nail, they should be able to tell you what they can do.

Once they know what you want and what they can do, they always start with a manicure.

If you haven’t had a manicure in a while, your cuticles will be cut and pushed back.

Meanwhile, you can decide which nail treatment you want based on what they explain to you.

During this explanation, you’ll learn about both acrylic and gel options so that you can make an informed decision.


The acrylic and gel will give you roughly the same result.

To fix a crooked nail, gel is recommended.

It is possible to build up and decorate an acrylic nail in order to hide its crookedness.

Compared to gels, however, they are much more versatile.

Let’s discuss both.

Acrylic tips can be angled to correct crooked nails.

The original nail won’t extend any higher than a quarter inch above the fingertip.

Therefore, it won’t affect the false nail until it begins to grow out.

Once the false nail grows too long, it must be trimmed back and filled.

You’ll have to start over with a new set eventually.

In other words, as the fingernail’s natural tip grows out, it will begin to push the false nail in the wrong direction.

As the real nail cannot be shortened, the false tip must be replaced when it begins to tilt sideways.

Using acrylics to fix crooked nails can be very expensive, so let’s talk about gels instead.

Gel manicures are more versatile.

Gel nails can be built up and molded to your specifications.

The air doesn’t dry them quickly, so you can work much more slowly and carefully with them than acrylics.

Until they are cured with UV or LED light, they will remain pliable.


how to use gels to fix crooked nails

As always, your nail tech will begin with a manicure in the traditional manner to make sure your nails will hold the gel.

The nail will be trimmed down as much as necessary to avoid growing out and pushing the gel nail tip in the wrong direction too soon.

Then they’ll apply a gel bottom coat, and you’ll cure that for a minute or two under a UV or LED light.

The color gel will then be applied, and this is where they can get strategic.

A pliable colored gel can be pulled and formed into a thick layer.

It is possible to create a diagonal pattern or other design to offset the slant of the natural nail as it grows out by using more than one color.

Technically, you could do the same with acrylic, but gels offer more advantages for this problem.

After the design is complete, it will be cured under the lights again for a minute or two.

After that, the topcoat of gel will be applied and adorned with rhinestones or flat glitter to further conceal the crooked nail.

It is easier to cut or file down gel tips than acrylics when the under nail starts growing out.

If there is more than one crooked nail or it’s severe, you can remove the gel, cut the tip down, and reapply the gel.

If acrylics are removed, the undernail can be further damaged.

This may cause them to be brittle or form ridges over time, and they do become thin.

For this reason, gels are more effective and less invasive than acrylics.

Cotton balls soaked in acetone can be used to remove gels.

It only takes a few minutes to remove the gel once your fingers are wrapped in special nail foil.

Thanks to the layering process, the gels can be replaced quickly, and the design can be changed at any time.

Making the tips of the nails rectangular and wide is an effective style.

A severely crooked nail responds well to this treatment.

The tip of the nail could be in a fluted or spatula shape and dipped or gelled in a darker color, or with a darker color on top and a brighter color below, to create a dramatic illusion.

It works well if you want to grow your nails long and not have to cut them too short or replace them too soon.


bottom line

Fixing a crooked nail is challenging if it’s a natural nail and not a false nail applied crookedly.

All you need to do with a false nail is remove it and shift it.

A natural nail will grow out at a slant, and gel or acrylic will create the illusion of a straight nail.

Gels are better because they create a sculpture on the nail that can be shaped and adorned.

Gel nails also require much less maintenance.

They are easier to soak off and less invasive to the natural nail.

This means you can replace them right away.

In this case, the biggest benefit of gel nails is that you can clip the natural nail before it grows out too much and push out the new gel nail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you fix uneven nails?

First, cut a tea bag or coffee paper into the shape of your nail. You don’t need to be as exact with the tips. The bottom should be more precise and should be placed on your fingernail using tweezers and super glue.

How can I straighten my crooked nails?

The pliers are needle nose pliers. You can try straightening this out. When you get that shaft up there, then you’re going to use these snips to get right up against the nail’s base.

What causes your nails to grow crooked?

  Nails that curve far inward on the sides are called ingrown nails. Toenail fungus may develop in response to wearing shoes that are too tight, particularly in the toe box. An improperly cut nail may also cause ingrown nails. Part or all of the nail may need to be removed in some cases.

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