How to fix a broken acrylic nail with Super Glue Procedure 2022

How to fix a broken acrylic nail with Super Glue Procedure 2022

fix a broken acrylic nail

No matter how long or how often you wear acrylic nails, you are bound to break one or two. If you happen to have any super glue at home, you wonder if you can use it to fix your broken acrylic nails.

If there is no injury to the natural nail or if the nail breakage does not cause any pain or bleeding, then superglue or nail glue can be used to reattach a broken piece, or cracked acrylic nail back. For the strongest bond from the glue, the nails should be cleaned with alcohol.

Here’s how to glue back your broken nails in one go.

Can you glue a broken acrylic nail back on?

It is possible to superglue a broken acrylic nail back on if it does not cause any pain, soreness, or bleeding. In other words, your natural nails are unaffected by this breakage, but only your acrylic nails are.

You can use household super glue or nail glue to reattach a broken acrylic nail. Either glue will work fine, but you must clean the mating surfaces where you attach them, otherwise the broken acrylic tip will not stay on for long.

How to glue back a broken acrylic nail

You’re in luck if you find a broken acrylic nail piece because without it, you won’t be able to remove it.


Alcohol should be used to clean both the acrylic nail and the broken piece.

You should not buff or file the broken line. This will alter the line and the broken piece will not attach properly.

Apply a thin layer of super glue or nail glue to both sides of the acrylic nail

You can now try to position the piece so it will fit like a puzzle on the nail.

Keep them still for five to ten seconds.

You can now let go of the broken acrylic tip. It should stay on the nail since the glue has dried.

If the broken line needs further strengthening, you can apply more superglue or nail glue. This should be done on both the top and bottom of the nail.

Make sure all the glue has dried completely by waiting for about 3 minutes.

To hide the broken line, you can paint over this nail or put glitter on it.

This is how you fix a broken acrylic nail with glue.

How to fix a broken acrylic nail without glue

Since nail glues or super glues are the best ways to reattach a broken acrylic nail back to the nail, you cannot do much without them.

Alternatively, if you do not want anyone to see your broken acrylic nail, you can wrap it in a bandage.

Until you can have it fixed, this bandage prevents the edge from getting entangled in your hair or clothing.

Here’s how to superglue a broken acrylic nail. I hope you won’t have to do it often. If you do, then there is a good chance that your acrylic nails are too thin or that you are rough on them, so they don’t last as long as they should.

Get a great set of acrylic nails without gluing.

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