The cost of a pedicure is determined by a variety of factors, such as the location, quality of service, high-end or discounted salons, and extra services, etc. A standard pedicure can also be called a classic pedicure.

Customers can expect to pay $28.51 on the east coast, $24.62 on the west coast, and $26.23 in the middle region for a basic pedicure with regular polish. Based on prices from 400 medium-sized nail salons in the United States for 2020, these numbers represent average prices.

Nail salons with between seven and sixteen pedicure chairs are considered medium-sized. Below are the differences of how a pedicure is performed in these regions, so you can see what you will get if you live in or near them.

Cost of a basic pedicure in different cities or metropolitan areas

The cost of a basic pedicure varies from small towns to big cities, depending on competition.

If you live in a rural area, you can almost expect to pay more for the same pedicure than someone who lives in a big city. In small towns, there are not many nail salons, so their prices are high.

Additionally, there are a lot of nail salons in big cities for customers to choose from. Because of this, pedicures are usually cheaper.

Is a pedicure chair massage included in the cost?


Nowadays, almost all pedicures in nail salons are performed while customers sit in a special chair called a pedicure chair. These chairs typically consist of three parts:

Pedicure chairs have built-in moving systems that massage customers’ backs as they receive treatments.

A tub for soaking the feet in water. This tub is equipped with a special pump that circulates water to enhance relaxation.

Supports and elevates the chair and tub on a hollow base.

When a foot treatment is performed in a pedicure chair with a back massage, it is often called a spa pedicure.

What is included in a basic pedicure?

A basic pedicure usually begins with soaking the feet in warm water. Pedicure salt is used to clean the feet. Pedicurists begin by trimming toenails and excess cuticles. She continues to scrub the feet to remove dead skin, then uses a pumice stone to thin thick skin patches such as calluses and corns.

Feet will be washed with clean water. Basic pedicure is now complete. Further extra services such as exfoliation, deep heel or callous cleaning, massage, and other extra services will follow.

Different services reflect on pedicure cost

Nail salons and spas each have their own version of a basic pedicure. Many offer only toenail, cuticle, and foot washing services as part of their basic packages. Some salons offer more extra treatments in their basic pedicures, such as exfoliation and callus treatment. Nail salons may charge different prices because of high competition or because they’re just trying to create brand awareness. Pedicure treatments in the latter category tend to be more involved and therefore cost more.

Pedicure prices are higher at upscale nail salons

Spas will typically charge higher prices for pedicure services than discounted nail salons because they are usually located in upscale neighborhoods and have significantly higher overheads than discounted nail salons, which are typically found in less expensive areas.

Spas offer more pampering services than pedicures. These can include free hot towels or beverages, or better-individualized services to justify their higher prices.

Best pedicures are ones done by a pedicurist that cares

Pedicures are person-to-person services in which your feet will be held and touched by a pedicurist for at least 30 minutes while you are relaxing. Unless she is very competent and caring, you won’t have a great experience no matter how many extra services are offered or how beautiful the spa looks.

A pedicure will cost less with package deals

The cost of a pedicure will usually be lower if you get more than one service at the salon. Do not hesitate to ask the salon manager for a discount if you are planning to get more than one service. Most salons offer a mani-pedi package deal.

You do not have to pay full price for pedicures

Many nail salons offer discounts on various occasions. Special offers are posted for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and seasons in order to increase sales.

Don’t hesitate to ask the salon if there are any ongoing specials. You might be able to get a discount.

Extra pedicure services

Based on your specific needs, the following treatments can be added to a basic pedicure.

Exfoliation: $5-$10. Additionally, the feet and lower part of the legs will be scrubbed with scented sugar or salt. As the pedicurist rubs the feet with this scrub, more dead skin is removed. This service is beneficial for people with dry or excess calluses.

Paraffin wax: $5-$10. Winter is a popular season for people who live in cold climates. The feet will be dipped in a paraffin wax bath and then wrapped in towels for 15 minutes to keep them warm. Oil in the wax is supposed to moisten and soften the skin on the feet.

Heel scrubbing: $5-$12. If you work all day on your feet. The skin on your feet and especially your heels will become extremely dry and thick. If you would like this service to soften your feet.

Callus treatment: $5-$8. By trying to scrub it thin with a pumice stone, your pedicurist can lessen the discomfort of the overgrown skin.

Foot massage: $5-$10. The majority of nail technicians studied basic foot massage in nail school so they can offer a basic foot massage. Professional pedicurists will give you a fantastic foot massage.

Regular polish: around $5. If you wish to have your toenails polished in addition to a basic pedicure, you can order this additional service. Since you need to let the polish dry for 20 minutes before you can put on your socks and shoes, bring a pair of open-toe flip flops so you can leave without waiting.

Also, if you wish to use your own polish, please do so.

Gel polish: $10-$15. This kind of polish will cost more, but the polish will be completely dry by the end of your pedicure so you can wear socks and shoes. You can remove gel polish from your toes at home with this simple trick, even if it is hard to remove.

French tips: $3 – $5. A classic popular look on toenails where thin white lines are meticulously drawn across the free edges.

Toenail designs: $5 and up. In most cases, the designs will be drawn on the big toenails since they have more surface area. The designs can vary greatly in complexity.

Toenail repair: $3 – $5. If your toenails are not the same length or shape, and you want your pedicurist to do her magic so you can show off your pretty feet in open-toe shoes or sandals, expect to pay a bit more.

Pedicurists need to sculpt a free edge, attach a nail tip, and trim the nail to make both toes look the same. Acrylics are used to strengthen the enhanced toenail. Some nail technicians may not be able to design toenails that look the same as each other. Be sure you like the new toenail before it is polished.

Pedicure prices do not include gratuity

You should tip your pedicurist between 10 and 15% if he/she does a good job making your feet look good and giving you about an hour of great relaxation.

You have it now. Find out what the average price is for a pedicure in your area. You can expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a basic pedicure, depending on what extra services you need. It’s about the cost of two dinners.

I hope you enjoy your pedicure. Those neglected feet will thank you.

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