Gel manicure prices can vary based on factors such as location, quality of services, and discounted or high-end salons. Gel manicures are usually basic, standard or standard manicures with gel polish instead of regular polish. For a basic gel manicure, customers can expect to pay $28.51 on the east coast, $24.62 on the west coast, and $26.23 in the middle region. These are the average prices calculated by using prices from 400 medium-sized nail salons in the U.S. in 2020. A medium nail salon has between six and twelve manicure tables. Following is a guide to the cost differences of gel manicures so you can estimate what you will pay if you live in or near these places.

Cost of a basic gel manicure in different cities or metropolitan areas

The cost of a gel manicure varies from small towns to big cities, depending on competition.

Those who live in rural areas can almost expect to pay more for the same gel manicure as those who live in big cities, since there are not many nail salons in small towns, so they can keep their prices high.

For customers in big cities, there are a lot of nail salons to choose from. As a result, manicures are usually less expensive.

A gel manicure can cost more if it is a spa gel manicure

In most nail salons today, manicure services are performed while customers sit in large comfortable office chairs in front of manicure tables or stations. A manicure station typically consists of three main components:

Non-porous rectangular tabletop made of non-porous materials.

Customers can rest their arms for 30 minutes or so on a soft arm cushion.

Supporting the tabletop are two vertical long side bases. Manicurists can store their nail implements and nail products in these two bases.

When a hand treatment occurs in a pedicure chair along with a back massage, it is called a spa manicure. As you get your nails done, you can get a 30-minute back massage.

What is included in a gel manicure?

Gel manicures usually begin with soaking your hands in warm water after you are seated at the manicure table. Hand soap and cuticle softener can also be added.

Your manicurist will trim your fingernails and cuticles. As you trim your nails, your choice of nail shape will also be created.

The basic steps for a gel manicure are now complete. Next, we will perform other extra services like nail repair, exfoliation, hand and arm massages, etc.

Quality manicures reflect on their cost

Gel manicures are available at nail salons and spas everywhere. There are some basic ones that are simply basic. Others include more extra treatments. Some of the differences are due to competition or a salon’s attempt to raise its service awareness. Second, they tend to charge a little more for their more involved gel manicure treatments.

Gel manicures will cost more at high-end spas

The prices for gel manicure services at spas are higher than those at a discounted nail salon because spas are usually located in upscale neighborhoods and have higher overhead costs.

The spa can also provide more pampering services than just a gel manicure. They can be free hot towels or beverages, longer hand and arm massage sessions, or better-individualized services to justify their higher prices.

Best manicure is the one done by a manicurist that cares

You will be held and touched by a manicurist for at least 30 minutes while you are seated during a manicure. You will not have a great experience no matter how many extra services are given or how beautiful a spa looks unless she is very competent and caring.

A gel manicure will cost less with package deals

Many salons offer package deals that will lower the manicure cost if you purchase more than one service. Do not hesitate to ask the salon manager for a discount if you plan on getting more than one service. Most salons offer a mani-pedi package deal.

You do not have to pay full price for gel manicures

Many nail salons offer discounts on various occasions. They usually offer specials during anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or seasons in order to increase sales. You can save money on these occasions. Don’t forget to ask the salon if they have any discounts before getting your nails done.

How long does a gel manicure last

Gel manicures can last between two and three weeks if properly applied. Your own nails will grow out at this time, and two parts will be on top of your nails, an old part with gel polish and a new part at the cuticles without gel polish.

What to do when your gel nails grow out

After two or three weeks, you should trim your nails and remove old gel polish.

To remove the old gel polish, you can go to a nail salon or do it yourself at home.

You can remove gel polish many ways if you do it yourself, so make sure you choose the one that is most appropriate for your situation so that you won’t damage your nails.

Three ways to maintain gel manicure

In order to continue your gel manicure, you have to remove the old gel polish so that a new color can be applied. You can choose among three options depending on how much money you want to spend or how many extra services.

1 – You can keep the same color for one more week: If your natural nails grow slowly and the nail gap between your cuticles and gel polish is barely visible after two weeks, you can extend your gel color for an additional week by applying a new topcoat on top of your old gel color.

Nail technicians rarely provide this service because it is not typical and is only for people who do it themselves.

You will not have to buy a new gel color for one more week if you do this.

2 – Less expensive gel color polish change option: .

If you do not have time for a full gel manicure or you don’t think your hand requires a lot of work, then opt for the gel polish change. Your manicurist will just remove the old gel polish, trim and shape your nails to your liking, and then polish your nails with a new color.

There will not be all the extra services that come with a full gel manicure.

You should expect to pay between $20 and $25 for a gel color change.

3 – Full price for a new gel manicure option: .

The full-service gel manicure includes hands soaking, cuticle trimming and other extra services. The cost is between $25 and $30.

Some nail salons charge extra for the old gel removal step, while others do not.

Extra services can increase the cost of a gel manicure

Depending on your needs, the following treatments can be added to gel manicures.

Exfoliation: $5 – $10. An additional cleaning of your hands and arms can be accomplished with scented sugar or salt scrubs. As your manicurist rubs this scrub on your hands and arms, more dead skin is removed. People with dry or excessively dry skin may benefit from this service.

Paraffin wax: $5 – $10. People who live in cold, winter climates enjoy this extra service. After your hands are dipped in a warm paraffin wax bath, they will be wrapped with special mittens to keep the warmth for 15 minutes. With the oil in the wax, the wax is supposed to moisturize and soften the hands’ skin.

Hand massage: $5 – $10. Licensed nail technicians studied basic hand massage while in nail school, so they can provide this service. The experienced manicurists will provide you with a great hand massage.

More than one gel polish colors: $5 – $7. Even though the cost of a gel manicure includes the cost of gel polish, expect to pay a little more if you want to use more than one.

French tips: $3 – $5. A traditional look for fingernails that involves meticulously drawing thin white lines around the free edges of the nails.

Nail designs: $5 and up. The designs are usually drawn on the two big toenails since they have more surface area to work with. They can range from simple to elaborate.

Fingernail repair: $3 – $5. In the event that some of your nails are not the same length or shape and you want your manicurist to do her magic to give your hands a perfect appearance, you should expect to pay more.

Usually, a manicurist will need to sculpt a free edge or attach a nail tip and trim it to improve the appearance of that particular nail. The nail will be strengthened with acrylics. All nail technicians are not able to create a fake nail that looks the same as a natural one. Therefore, make sure you like the new nail before it is polished.

Gel manicure costs do not include gratuity.

For a pedicurist who does a good job making your hands look good and giving you a relaxing hour in the manicure chair, you should give a tip of between 10 and 20%.

Now you know how much a gel manicure costs on average. Depending on what extra services you require, a gel manicure can cost anywhere from $35 to $60.

The annual cost of wearing gel manicure

In one year, you will pay for a new gel manicure about 17 times if you get it every three weeks. Gel manicures cost between $24.62 on the west coast and $28.51 on the east coast, so your yearly gel manicure costs will range from $418.54 to $484.67. These costs do not include gas for your car or tips. Additionally, each gel nail application will take about two hours.

Is gel manicure worth the money?

A gel manicure can last for up to three weeks on your nails compared with only a few days with a regular polish. In any case, gel manicure gives you a color you like that retains its color and shine, resists chipping, so you can show off your nails with pride.

I hope you will enjoy your gel manicure as much as many others have.

Have fun gelling.

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