can you use regular nail polish on acrylic nails

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish On Acrylic Nails? [Best Guide]

Are you unsure if you can use regular nail polish on acrylic nails to change them at home. And you’ve had nail polish on your acrylic nails for a couple of weeks and are getting bored with the color. Here we’ll discuss can we use regular nail polish on acrylic nails?

Can you use regular nail polish on acrylic nails?

Can you use regular nail polish on acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails can be painted with regular nail polish to create a different color to change their appearance. Nails painted over with acrylic can either be clear or have a specific color, so they must be painted to change colors.

Acrylic nails can be painted with any shade of regular or normal nail polish, but you need to know a few things to make it look its best. It is also important to understand why you want to use regular polish on acrylic nails. They are listed below.

Why do you want to put regular nail polish on acrylic nails?

If you do your own acrylic nails, regular nail polish can be applied to your acrylic nails. On acrylic nails, regular nail polish can last for three weeks.

There are, however, two things that can happen during that time.

  1. First, you might become bored with the color of your acrylic nails and want to change them.
  2. Secondly, the regular nail polish will wear out at the tips after two weeks, and the topcoat will lose its shine after rubbing against other materials.

In either case, you will want to have new color applied to your acrylic nails so that they will look fresh and new again.

If you already have gel polish on your acrylic nails, the method outlined below is not applicable. You need to use a nail drill to remove your gel polish.

The next step is to find out what nail polish removers will remove regular nail polish from acrylic nails.

What nail polish remover is best for acrylic nails?

The only nail polish removers that are commercially available are the non-acetone polish remover and the acetone polish remover.

Regular polish removers or non-acetone removers will dissolve regular nail polishes, but it will take longer.

The non-acetone or regular nail polish remover cannot interact well with acrylics because it is a weak solvent. If you use this regular remover, you don’t have to worry if your acrylic nails will be removed.

In contrast, acetone is a strong solvent that can remove regular nail polishes much faster. Acetone can, however, also melt acrylics.

Make sure you remove regular nail polish from acrylic nails as soon as possible before the acetone dissolves the acrylic and damages the shape.

It is a matter of personal preference and opinion. Based on what you prefer, you can choose which nail polish remover is best for acrylic nails.

How do you change the polish on acrylic nails?

There are two different scenarios.

New acrylic nails:

If you will be applying regular nail polish to your brand new set of acrylic nails, you will not need to do anything else. The new acrylic nails can be polished after you wash your hands with soap and water to remove cuticles, hand lotion, and nail dust.

Old regular nail polish on acrylic nails:

To apply new nail polish over acrylic nails, you must remove any existing nail polish first. Here’s what you’ll do.

Nail polish removing procedure:

  • You can either use regular nail polish remover or acetone. Apply some liquid remover to a cotton ball and start removing the old nail polish on one nail.
  • Apply pressure to the nail, wait three or four seconds, and wipe it outward to the nail tip. Due to the mixture of acetone and color, excess acetone won’t reach the cuticle. You will need to remove the polish quickly if this happens to avoid staining the cuticles.
  • Whenever you apply polish to a nail, rotate the ball so that fresh cotton is facing the polish; press, wait three seconds, and wipe.
  • All ten nails should be done this way.

Replace the cotton ball when it becomes saturated with color if the color you are removing is dark. If not, the nail polish will contact the skin around the nails, and cleaning it will take longer.

You can wipe down the acrylic nail with another cotton ball if there is still a thin layer of color on it. A cotton ball soaked in polish remover will work better.

Additional steps:

  • If necessary, shape the nail using a nail file.
  • Buff all ten nails quickly. You will then be able to remove all cotton strands that remain on the nail surface.
  • Make sure your hands and nails are clean by washing them with water and soap. Let it dry.

As with natural nails, you can now apply nail polish of your choice.

How to apply regular nail polish on acrylic nails:

  • One minute after applying the regular base coat, let it dry.

Regular base coats prevent color polish from staining acrylic nails. If you have a base coat, you can use it. It is one of the best base coats for protecting natural and acrylic nails from stains caused by dark nail polish colors.

  • Make sure to apply two coats of nail polish and let them dry for a minute each.
  • To finish, apply one layer of regular top coat and let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

The nail polish will dry much faster if you use a small heater fan set at low temperature and low speed. Keep your nails far enough away from the heat so that the polish won’t bubble.

You can also use a hairdryer on top of a folded towel.

Note: Take care when using electrical appliances. Be sure to put away all water before using any fans.

Once that’s done, you’re done.

What you can do if you want your regular nail polish to last longer on acrylic nails by preventing it from wearing or dulling out is described below.

What can I put on the regular polish to make it last longer on acrylics?

On the day after you apply regular nail polish to your acrylic nails, you can apply regular nail polish topcoat. First, wash your hands and nails with water and soap to remove all oily residue.

The next day, you repeat the process.

Apply another layer of topcoat a week later. The acrylic nails will look fresh for another week or until you get bored of the color.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do your own acrylic nails, you can use regular nail polish on them. Regular nail polish can last up to three weeks on acrylic nails.  

Nail polish, nail art or even gel polish can all be used over acrylics, and some nail artists recommend using gels on top to extend the life of acrylics. You can expect to spend between two and three hours in the salon depending on the shape, size, and decoration you want.

Gel polish can be applied to acrylic nails in the same way as to natural nails. You should use an acrylic-compatible base coat to prevent accidental staining.

Acrylic nails grow quickly due to their thickness. Since they don’t have cushioning, they’ll have to work harder than other types of nails.

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