how to make cuticle oil

Best DIY Homemade Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil – the little known but wonderfully effective skin product – is a must for any manicure addict. Most of us know how dry and hideous hands can look if we neglect them, so why wouldn’t we want lovely nails too?

Cuticle oil comes in bottled form or as an ingredient added to your favourite hand cream or lotion. I ran out of my cuticle oil recently and decided to make some myself instead of buying more. Let me tell you, it’s really simple once you have all the ingredients!

You will need:

– A jar with a lid (air tight)

– Your choice of base oil (sweet almond, grapeseed etc)

– Vitamin E capsules/ tablets  (I used 30 from a 100 pack)

– A selection of your favourite essential oils (optional, see how to combine below)

First pop open the Vitamin E capsules and empty into your jar.

Then add in any essential oils if you’re using them, stir well. If not, just top up with more base oil until everything is submerged.  Close the lid tightly and shake it all about!  Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight until use.

Homemade Cuticle Oil with Coconut Oil


  • 4 Ounces (118ml) of Coconut Oil
  • 2 Ounces (60ml) ofof Vitamin E Skin Oil
  • 1/2 Teaspoon (2ml) of Essential Oil (Lavender Oil blends really well with Coconut Oil)


  • First, mix 4 ounces of Coconut oil and 2 ounces of Vitamin E skin oil together.
  • Once properly mixed you can add 1/2 teaspoon of Essential Oil, I recommend lavender oil for this blend.
  • Finally, store your mixture in an airtight container I recommend using a cuticle oil pen which will make applying the oil easier on your cuticles.

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