Acrylics are one of the most popular nail enhancement products. Acrylics are not only applied to fingernails, but they are also applied to toenails to make them look pretty.

Acrylic toenails are natural toenails that have been extended with acrylic so they will have desired shapes and lengths, just like they are used on fingernails. Acrylic application on toenails is used to artificially enhance their overall appearance when their natural toenails do not look nice or even.

Can you get acrylics on your toes?

It is possible to put acrylics on your toes just as you would on your fingernails. Acrylic nails will provide your toenails with the desired shapes and lengths that your natural toenails lack.

Applying acrylics to fingernails is an involved process that should only be performed by a nail professional, doing acrylic toenails at home on your own is not recommended due to the fact that you will have to bend over for the entire procedure, which is not very comfortable.

Also, you need to do it with your nails pointing away from you, not the same way you would normally do acrylics on your nails.

How do acrylic toenails are done?

Acrylics are applied to toes in the same way as they are on fingernails. You can apply acrylics using nail tips, which is much easier, or you can use nail forms, which is more involved and time-consuming.

I mentioned before that acrylic toenails should only be done by a nail technician because the procedure is complicated and it is not a comfortable position to do it yourself. However, you should be aware of some key facts about acrylic toenail application.


For acrylic toenails, the procedure is the same as for acrylic fingernails, except for a couple of steps:

Acrylics are usually applied after feet have been washed or after a pedicure. In either case, the toenails are wet. It will take longer for them to completely dry if they are soaked in water for a long time. Durability of acrylic toenails depends on the dryness of the toenails.

Give your toenails at least ten minutes to dry. You can use a fan to speed it up.

Then, you apply a dehydrator/pH balance solution to your toenails and let them dry.

You have to use a nail form and position it on each toe in order to extend the toenails with sculpturing.

When must you do sculpture on your toenails? In cases where a big toenail is bigger than the largest nail tip or it is too short for a nail tip, a nail form is necessary.

Gluing a nail tip on takes less time since you don’t have to hold it, keep it in place until the acrylic is set.

Using a nail tip to extend a toenail is easier if you leave the whole nail tip. This will prevent acrylics from going under the nail tip, which would be difficult to remove later if it were cut short. After acrylics are set, you can cut or trim this nail tip to the desired length and shape.

After acrylic is applied, shape and cut the acrylic toenails to look like the rest. Keep sharp edges and corners away from clothes and socks as they will catch and break.

Let them dry after buffing them smooth and removing dust with alcohol.

Now you can apply polish of your choice.

Why do you need acrylic toes?

Acrylic is put on toenails for two reasons:

To fix a broken toenail.

To get beautiful toenails quickly without having to wait a few months for their natural growth.

Can I put acrylics on my big toes?

As far as acrylics on toes go, acrylics on big toes are the most popular. It draws attention to the feet if the two big toes are not the same. Many people choose to have acrylics on one of their big toenails so that it will look the same as the other. With this quick, less expensive option, the feet and toenails look great.

As such, if one of your big toenails is different in length and shape from the other, you just need to use acrylics to extend one big toenail and shape it so it looks even with the other, as long as you are satisfied with the other eight.

Acrylic full set on toenails

When someone wants to have the best looking toenails, then an acrylic full set on all ten nails is used.

The final appearance of an acrylic full set on toenails would be much better than normal toenails, however, it is the most expensive way to do acrylic on toenails, and it takes at least an hour to finish.

Is acrylic on your toes bad?

Not at all. If acrylics are good for fingernails, they are also good for toenails. Acrylic toenails are subject to rubbing inside of shoes, so shapes and lengths must be considered when having them done.

There are two possible mishaps that can occur when acrylic toenails are applied:

Toenails that are too long can catch on things and break.

Having long toenails can leave a larger gap in which moisture can stay longer, allowing fungi to grow.

How long do acrylic toes last?

Acrylic toenails should last a month if they are properly applied with appropriate shapes and lengths. Toenails grow slower than fingernails because they are not subject to manual actions like fingernail acrylics have to endure.

How much does it cost to get acrylic on your toes?

An experienced nail technician is required to apply acrylics on toenails because they have to be applied in an awkward position, looking down on the toenails, unlike applying acrylics on fingernails at a nail table where they are almost at eye level.

Acrylics on toes are typically more expensive because of this. According to my experience, most nail salons charge about 30 percent more for acrylics on toenails than for an acrylic full set on fingernails.

Acrylic full sets on toenails usually cost between $40 and $60, depending on where you live.

Nail salons will charge $5 to $10 to do acrylics on one big toe.

White acrylic toes

White is one of the most classic colors for toenails.

You can either use white color for a french manicure look, which is always in style and will go with any outfit.

There are many people who paint their toenails and fingernails white.

Other people polish acrylic toenails with white. This will show off their pretty, even look of their acrylic toenails.

However, if you apply sun block over a white color it will turn yellow when exposed to the sun.

Artificial toenails for missing toenails

An artificial nail covering a missing toenail must be attached to some nail. This is where the fake nail can be attached.

Is it possible to put acrylics on toes without nails? Acrylics must adhere to natural nails in order to last. Without natural nails, acrylics will fall off.

For a customer who lost a big toenail and wanted her feet to look decent, I would wrap a nude-colored bandage across her toenail and apply polish over the bandage. In other words, this created the illusion that a nail was there, but only when you looked closely.

The color only stayed on the bandage for a few days, which accomplished its temporary purpose.

You can either put a nail tip on a partial toenail or attach a nail form and apply acrylic over it. The acrylic toenail has a weak bond, so wear tight or closed-toe shoes to avoid jamming it.

A press-on nail is the fastest way to replace a missing toenail. Press-on nails for toenails are easy to apply with glue; some even have adhesive strips. Paint all your nails with nail polish, let them dry, and you’re good to go.

You do this for a special occasion and it is a temporary fix. After that, artificial toenails serve their purpose.

Can acrylic on toes cause fungus?

Acrylic nails on toes can result in fungus easier than on fingernails. Because acrylic toenails are long and they stay on longer, algae will grow and develop into fungus under these long acrylic toenails. This is why acrylic toenails can cause fungus.

As such, acrylic toes nails do not cause fungus. Moisture associated with long toenails, combined with the warmth of the feet, facilitate the growth of fungus.

Why do your acrylic toenails hurt?

There are two possible causes of your acrylic toenails hurting:

Your acrylic toenail technician filed your natural nails too much and was heavy-handed while shaping them.

The acrylic toenails you got were too long for your shoes.

How to take care of your acrylic toenails?

Acrylic toenails are fake nails that are applied to toenails for one specific purpose: to enhance the appearance of the feet. However, people with acrylic toenails will have to pay attention to how they can fit into their normal lifestyles. Acrylic toenails that are too long could interfere with the shoes that these people normally wear, and these long toenails would keep moisture under them long enough for algae to grow and develop into fungus.

What you should do with acrylic toenails?

  • Wear them long enough that they will not interfere with the shoes you wear frequently.
  • After a month, get an acrylic fill-in and trim or file the growth off.
  • When you walk barefoot, especially on carpet, you need to be careful because your long toenails might catch on the fibers and pull on your nails, causing them to break. Even worse, it might pull your toenails away from your toes.
  • Make sure your toenails and feet are completely dry after taking a shower or bath. You can speed up drying by wiping under and across the extended tips with a q-tip. Alternatively, you can blow dry these acrylic toenails for about three minutes with a hairdryer set at low heat and high speed.
  • During warmer months, you can wear sandals, flip flops, or open-toe shoes.

What you should not do with acrylic toenails?

  • Avoid wearing square shapes with sharp corners as they will catch on clothes and carpet. Toe nails should be flat with rounded corners.
  • Avoid wearing them too long.
  • Whenever you apply lotion to your feet after a bath or shower, make sure it does not get under the toenails as they will absorb the moisture and prevent them from drying out.
  • If you have acrylic toenails done in the winter or cold weather, they will be inside of shoes and you won’t have the chance to show them off.
  • Do not try to remove them. The bond between acrylics and natural nails can be stronger than your own natural nails. The problem with peeling them off is that you might peel some or all of your nails along with them, and this will ruin the overall shape and length of your toenails that you employed acrylic to achieve in the first place.


You now know everything you need to know about acrylic toenails.

Acrylics are mainly used to make her toes look pretty and to showcase them. As with acrylic fingernails, acrylic toenails make you feel more feminine.

Once you have learned how to take care of your acrylic toenails, you can enjoy them and you can avoid many situations that could break your acrylic toenails and hurt you.

Acrylic toe nails near me

The application of acrylics on toes requires complete knowledge and experience, so not any nail tech can do it. So you won’t be surprised, call a local nail salon ahead of time to see if they can do it.

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